Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to Find the Best Online Business ...

Everywhere you turn opportunities for online business training abound. Most of these courses claim to make you fabulously successful in no time flat. But do they deliver? Are they worth the cost? Check out this source of FREE training before you make your choice!

Business training is typically obtained from either formal education or on the job training. Business Education is often a broad brush approach covering of a wide range of business theory with very little real world exposure. Actual on the job training however, is where theory meets reality and money is made or lost. During on the job training you learn how the business works. Money is on the line and mistakes must be avoided.

Almost every online business training course falls into the education category. Heavy on theory and talk of how much money you can make but extremely light on actual step by step examples to implement the ideas discussed. So how do you find on the job training when the typical internet company does not hire employees?

The best and most effective training you can find is in affiliate programs.

Go to ClickBank and check out any of the opportunities with affiliate programs that offer affiliate sales material. This is where you will find reality. It often looks like nothing but sales propaganda aimed at you, but think about it.

The success of the affiliates directly affects the success of the parent company. It is in the company’s best interest to assure that its’ affiliates have nothing but the finest information and knowledge to work with. The parent company wants you, as an affiliate, to succeed! Many companies offer free, detailed, step by step instruction on how to sell their product.

Here is what I found in just one company affiliate site FREE: A website to sell from, a list of websites to advertise on, copy and paste audio and text links for your website, actual emails to send out, actual articles, blog posts and ezine ads to copy and paste into your site, auto responder information and much more. The site ends with a detailed, step by step, day by day process of how to set up, implement and monitor your entire sales campaign. A treasure trove of free knowledge!

Combine this targeted on the job training with a general overview education of how online businesses work and you have quite an education.

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Steve Harper said...

Thanks for the informative post.
When you decide to get into online business, it is best to make your own research and choices instead of blindly following someone else’s observations. Different people have different ways of looking at business opportunities. Also there may be no guarantee of success. It requires great deal of research and technical knowledge to figure out, which business opportunity has the most amount of potential.