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As a beginner, if you are looking for an easy and nicely paid job opportunity – career in a call center is the best bet. You must have heard a lot about call centers too; perhaps many of your friends are already working in them too. But do you know what call centers really are? How do they operate? What are the various services that they are offering to countries across the globe? This article will help you understand some of the facts that you must know before joining a call center.

Simply put: a call center is a centralized office where a large number of customer requests are handled over the phone. The calls may be inbound, i.e., you only receive the calls; or they may be outbound, where you make the calls for survey, telemarketing, follow-up, and support, etc.


At present, the data entry operators are in a big demand. The data entry operators are required by the BPO’s and by many other companies. There are many jobs available for persons who skilled in this field you can apply for data management job, data digitalization job, data processing, data capture, data mining, document imaging, data conversion and many other related jobs. If a company has good data entry operators then it can prove a great point in its progress. An experienced data entry operator can help in save time, rapid speed, accurate data entries, saves time and so on. The data entry operator must be expert in handwriting and also have a good command over the computer skills.

Your data entry operator must have the ability to undertake the project of any volume and offer a high performance and cost effective work. Data entry services can be subdivided into many services as data conversion services, data processing services, image processing and indexing and so on. Many call centers and BPO’s need data entry operators. There are few qualities which should be expected from the candidate who wants to apply for the job of a data operator like leadership qualities, decent educational background and can do any project related to data entry. In data conversion, a data entry operator has to convert the data in some digital formats so that your large amount of money and time might be saved. Your data is kept safe for many of years. Then, there is data processing means the data entry operator has to arrange the data in a summarize and effective form with some intelligent formats. By the help of scanning you eliminate the need of maintaining the soft copies. All the data available is available on your system. If you do indexing, then you can easily find out a particular topic from whole of the data. Data entry operator has to be perfect in all these type of works. Maintaining large data in a proper way is very important for the progress of the country.


A call center is just like a centralized office which is used to transmit and receive a number of requests with the help of a telephone. There are many departments in the call centers and each department can managed and supervised by a particular number of managers.

Call center jobs are very popular now days. In call centers a separate computer is given to each employee to work in the office. Many companies have its own call centers in which there are many executives who response the answers of particular queries asked by the clients. Outgoing calls have also been made by the customers as for tele marketing, debt collection and so on. A call center can be operated separately or linked with additional centers as with computer network as mainframes LANs or with microcomputers. Call centers are basically for the interaction of major businesses with the customers. Some call centers only allowed experienced employees while some require employees having good practical knowledge. The main purpose behind establishing a call center is to reduce the cost and improve the company’s operations. In call centers there are many different technologies are used to make the results as good as possible. Calls placed by the consumers to ask about some information come under the inbound calls. While the calls made by the agents in order to sell or for marketing come under the outbound calls. In the call centers, the customer’s executives are supposed to solve the problems of the customers over the telephone or with the help of internet. For working in a call center one should have good communication skills, complete knowledge about the products and policies of the company, presence of mind, good fluency, grammar, good vocabulary, basic computer knowledge, hard working, and also able to speak or to answer in every situation. A customer executive voice has to be very clear and you know as much languages as you can. With the call centers it is possible for even under graduates to earn a five figure salary if he has a good command over English. There are many call centers which give proper training to the new employees. Call center is a part of BPO. Call center is only a call center which only makes and attend calls.


Indian people show a great interest in BPO jobs. If you have a good communication skill you can easily get a job in BPO. In India there is largest number of students whose English speaking capability is good. The persons between 21 to 27 work in the BPO in some technical or non technical departments. If they are at a post of executive then they have to provide support services to various foreign organizations. There are a number of reasons to join a BPO. Some students who completed their study and don’t get a job can go for BPO. In BPO there are many employers who do a part time job. Many graduates in order to improve their communication skills can also join BPO. Various people want to make their career in this field that’s why they come in BPO. Some technical students can employ in the technical department in the BPO.

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and it is one of the easiest ways to earn the money in today’s world. In BPO, outsourcing means to passing out the tasks from an internal production to an external unit. In BPO you have to follow a rule that you try to do your best and leave rest to business process outsourcers. In BPO there are a number of customer executives who have to give information to the customers about the company’s services as hotel reservations, bank accounts, tele marketing, call center address sales support and many other fields. A customer calls on a toll free number and asks about the information of a particular field. There are day shifts and night shifts are in BPOs. In India there are many companies which have their own BPO business services as HCL, IBM, Microsoft and many more companies are there. BPO supports many tasks services as tele marketing, mortgage processing, insurance processing, customer services, finance and administration solutions, HR processing solutions, technical support services etc. In technical support there are persons who have complete practical knowledge about the company’s products.


In order to secure a job, you need to assure the interviewer that you have the core competencies required to perform all duties in the optimal way. Core competencies will always be different for different jobs. For some jobs communication skills will be more important while in others interpersonal skills are more important.

In case of IT job, there are several qualities and skill sets that are to be checked by the interviewer. Possessing those qualities and skills is not enough, but, you must be able to showcase your skills and qualities in the proper manner. Actually, there are different jobs available in the IT field and all different jobs require some special capabilities and talent. Interviewer endeavors to check those capabilities by means of different questions and that’s when you have to perform brilliantly.

Before going for an interview, you must keep few of the IT job interviews tips in mind as these tips are tried and tested. One of the most important IT job interviews tips is about understanding the duties that are to be performed after joining a company. You can only prepare for a job interview if you will endeavor to learn more about the duties that are associated with that specific job. This will also give you an idea about the type of questions that will be thrown your way which will surely make you more confident while appearing for an interview.

In jobs related to Information Technology, you will have to possess analytical skills. In fact, it depends on the type of job for which you are giving an interview. For different IT jobs, you may have to face answers related to C/C++, Java2.0, Java, Database, WEB 2.0, J2ME, and so on. So, it is important to have the information as there is no way on earth that can help you to go through an interview without having some information about different IT related terms and concepts. So, always keep in mind that IT job interviews tips are developed so that you may be able to show your talent in right way. There is no substitute for talent.


Many people take up part time jobs for breaking monotony of routine job or to earn extra income for family while using spare time. Part time jobs are for those who cannot dedicate whole day on job.

Most of part time job seekers are students and housewives engaged with other responsibilities. Flexible hour job or part time job is most suitable for these as give them a n option to earn extra money and utilize their free time. Mostly part time jobs are flexible hourly jobs with project based work and payment for each hour. Part time jobs can also be performed while sitting at home through internet.

Part time jobs are form of employment where an employer works only for few hours per day. A number of student’s jobs, evening jobs, flexible hourly jobs, hourly basis jobs, consultant jobs, online jobs, work from home job, summer jobs, part time data entry jobs, part time coding jobs, outsourcing jobs, customer care part time jobs, short term employment and others are available in large number in India.

Part time jobs can also bring out the talent and creativity hidden in person. Retired personnel can also look for part time jobs as many companies look forward to seek their experience and benefit. They may not get paid handsomely but can kill their time in a productive way and continue living dignified and active life.

Many students take up part time jobs to take off load from their parents shoulder and gain experience and maturity while working.

Are BPO's Illegal? Pro-Teck Services Director Investigation..

Compounding that issue is the nebulous definitions many states use for a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) or even an "Opinion of Value". In many instances, when a Broker offers any opinion of value or data leading to a value outside actual brokerage activities, they are breaking the rules. The result is whole mortgage business units, primarily within the servicing arena, are at risk of legal action when they do what they have been doing for a long time - order a BPO. Loans in short sales, delinquency, loss mitigation and REO, (and there are a few loans in that category today,) have all historically been subjected to a BPO valuation.

BPO's have been a great solution when a fast, affordable and reasonably reliable residential valuation is needed. The broker provides a basic condition evaluation with photos, market status, sold and listed comparables and a judgment on repairs that all lead to an opinion of value. Some have resorted to naming the report differently - not using the terms "Broker Price Opinion". Unfortunately, the states are aware and it doesn't matter what label or title is used on the report, the whole process is deemed illegal in those states.

Automated models (AVM's) are one solution but in today's dynamic market information is changing rapidly, thus the data used in the modeling is dated, too dated in this environment that also has a multitude of micro markets. Plus there is no property condition available.

Appraiser based reports are completely legal but not always viable from a time or cost perspective especially in today's market. Mortgage servicers need a valuation that is quick, affordable, and reliable beyond automated models while avoiding the legal risks.

The Solution: What if all current/available market data, MLS information (subject property and listing comparables,) appreciation/depreciation, square foot costing, foreclosures, occupancy, property inspection and an appraisal emulation were combined to produce a value? The broker is not involved in the valuation process, a data set that details the current market and subject property plus an inspection that answers condition/repair questions to complete the reliability and dependability of a truly objective value that has complete visibility into the value logic.

Not only would such a report solve the problem in those illegal states, it would deliver a valuation report that is superior to the typical BPO report. A defendable value is important but all the data and information behind that value is just as important when it comes to decision making time.

By combining a staff appraiser's expertise and that full set of information and data, including satellite imagery to bridge the desk to on-site gap, the solution would deliver an affordable, expedient, valuation result that far out performs the typical BPO.